Tuesday, December 22, 2009


New Delhi, December 4: Following is the memorandum given to PM by the leaders of Left parties -- Sitaram Yechury, Basudeb Acharia, Shyamal Chakraborty, Prabodh Panda, Manohar Tirki, Barun Mukherjee.December 4th 2009

Dr. Manmohan Singh
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
New Delhi
Sub: Irresponsible and dangerous moves of the Railways Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

1. You have called the ‘Maoists’ the greatest internal threat to the security of the country, and yet, the Railway minister has kept providing these elements with her full-fledged support in the media and through her declarations and acts. She has also repeatedly called for the release of Chhatradhar Mahato, named accused in murder cases. The Railway minister is constantly demanding the withdrawal of Joint Forces from West Bengal, which will only facilitate the activities of the Maoists. Within hours of a landmine blast in West Midnapore on 27.11.2009, which killed two policemen, the Railway Minister denigrated the Joint Forces.

2. The said minister has claimed before the media inte ralia that the violence being committed on and against the leaders and workers of the CPI (M) is not the handiwork of the CPI (Maoist) but a result of internecine feud. She has called for the arrest of the Bengal Chief Minister and in the same breath the release of Chhatradhar Mahato while repeatedly calling also for application of ART 355 and 356 in Bengal. The ‘Maoists’ receive a moral boost from her declarations and deeds. And almost simultaneously the Maoist Leader Kishanji reciprocated by airing his loud suggestions that the present Railway Minister should be the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

3. The annexed copies of the media reports would make it clear, the AITC and the CPI (Maoist), have long been engaged in destabilizing the political situation of the state by means of assassination, mayhem, arson, committing crimes on women and generally seeking to create a situation where the democratic fabric of the state in put under great duress. The Maoist along with AITC activists are forcing people at gunpoint to join their rally and barricades.4. Annexure I A, B, and C provide a detailed list of the leaders and workers of the CPI (M) and Left Front assassinated by the Maoist and the people’s War Group (PWG) from 2001. The number of those killed from June 2006 itself is 326. The ‘Maoists’ and the AITC have also killed, scores of common men, women, children, as well as police and medical personnel.

5. The AITC leadership is a close patron of the leadership of the People’s Committee against Police Atrocities (PCAPA), and its supremo Chhatradhar Mahato. Annexure II A, B, and C provide examples of this state-of-affairs from media reports.

6. Annexure III in the form of a CD contains photos that show the Railway Minister, Chhatradhar Mahato, and a section of the intelligentsia in confabulation in the area of Lalgarh, which has been a ‘Maoist’ stronghold. The PCAPA is nothing but a mass front of the CPI (Maoist) as reports in the media have repeatedly noted.

7. We draw your attention to the recent declaration of the ‘Maoist’ leader ‘Kishanji’ that since they have provided support to the AITC at Nandigram against the CPI (M), the AITC should come forward and help them at Lalgarh and adjacent areas.

8. The most recent incident of the blockade of the Rajdhani Express exposes the AITC game plan further. Even as the blockade was going on and graffiti being painted on the sides of the bogies calling for the release of Chhatradhar Mahato who is presently in police custody, the railways minister blamed the ‘Marxists’, meaning the CPI (M) that has held the train up. To add insult to injury, a full 24 hours earlier to the blockade, an AITC central minister Shri Sisir Adhikari had claimed before the media that he ‘knew that the blockade would take place.’ The source of ‘knowledge’ of this minister may kindly be probed and the nation kept informed.

9. At a time when the ‘Maoists’ have laid claim to the murder of an AITC worker Nishikanta Mondal at Nandigram on 22 September 2009, the Railway Minister keeps harping on the untruth that he was ‘killed by the CPI (M).’ On 29.11.2009, she has also said that she was privy to clues of the murder.
10. We enclose as Annexure II A and B the English translation of what has appeared in the Bengali print media on the nexus between the AITC-PCAPA-‘Maoists’ and as Annexure IV we enclose the original reports in Bengali that has appeared in the Bengali print media.

11. We urge upon you to take appropriate implicational notice of the developments.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Sitaram Yetchury
Basudeb Acharia
Shyamal Chakraborty
Prabodh Panda
Manohar Tirki
Barun Mukherjee

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Almost every day the Neo Fascists in the garb of Maoists have been murdering CPI (M) leaders, cadres and workers in West Bengal.

Besides, these blind and diehard anti-Communist and anti-Leftist butchers have not only been destroying and torching the houses of CPI (M) leaders, cadres and supporters but also torching CPI (M) Offices, trampling and setting fire to red flags, pictures of Karl Marx, Fredrick Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Ze Dong, Ho-Chi-Minh, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Bhagat Singh, Khudiram Bose, Master Da Surya Sen and other leaders of Communist and Leftist movement of the world and the country as was done by the Fascists and the Gestapoes in Italy and Germany.

The anti-Communist and anti-Leftist “pseudo” intellectuals and “so-called” human right activists in India fully encourage the Maoists with all available resources in all possible manner to carry on their activities in order to serve the imperialists, finance capital and big business houses for gaining wide-spread publicity and promoting their own career and future.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The Union Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee led a deputation to you on 4th December 2009 alleging ‘so-called’ breakdown of law and order in West Bengal. During discussion she submitted a memorandum to him along with a list of TMC workers allegedly murdered by the CPI (M).

In this connection, I would like to inform you that the list is reportedly fictitious and forged in all respect. It contains also the names of Maoists and living persons.

The following forgery has appeared in the media of West Bengal with sufficient proof.

1 The name of one Asit Sarkar with address at Sandhipur, West Midnapur is mentioned in serial number 52. Who was this Sarkar?

The fact of the matter is that he expired on 19th September 2009 at the age of 47 years. The actual address of Asit Sarkar is village Katrabali under Sandhipur Gram Panchayat of Garbeta in West Midnapur district. He was an organiser of “People’s War Group” from 1988. He was a sharp shooter. He had obtained training in arms and shooting in the dens of Maoists in Andhra Pradesh. He was released from the jail few months before his death. After release he returned home and started visiting Maoist infested areas of Goaltore in Jangalmahal. His younger sister Rita Sarkar is also associated with PWG now CPI (Maoist) from 1990. She is now in one of the hideouts of the Maoists in Chhattisgarh as per report of the Central Intelligence.

In 1993 Sarkar was entrusted to carry on destructive activities in West Midnapur district. In 1996 he was made the leader of PWG in three district of West Midnapur, Purulia and Bankura of Jangalmahal by the then leadership. In 1998 he was known by the nickname of ‘Mangal Singh’. During this period he along with TMC under the instruction of Mamata Banerjee had created a reign of terror in Garbeta, Keshpur and in a vast stretch of areas falling in West Midnapur and adjacent Hooghly district. This gang of criminals and goons murdered hundreds of CPI (M) leaders, cadres and supporters. Thousands of people were evicted from their shelter and livelihood. They captured village after village forcibly at gunpoint. Blind anti-Leftist print media “Ananda Bazar Patrika” and “Dainik Bartaman” had termed this event as “People’s War” and “Second Independence Struggle”.

The then State Secretary of PWG Partha Pratim Banerjee @ ‘Manik” was totally against this sort of alliance with TMC and left the party on this ground. In 2003 Sarkar was arrested. He was in the jail for a long time. During his stay in the jail, the PWG and the MCC merged to form CPI (Maoist) in 2004. Late Sarkar always declared himself to be a Maoist. He never called himself a TMC worker. The Trinamool Congress also did not claim him to be its worker before his death. Now, Mamata Banerjee claims this Maoist as her party worker.

2 Again the name of Satyen Mondal has been mentioned both at Serial Nos. 57 and 60. His date of death has been shown as 29th October 2009. Ruiya, Khardah in North 24 Parganas is mentioned as his address. But the fact of the matter is that none in the name of Satyen Mondal ever resided at Ruiya. Not only that. On that day no person bearing the name of Satyen Mondal expired throughout the state. The name of Satyen Mondal is nothing but a fictitious one.

3 It is true that people have very short memory. They must have, in the meantime, forgotten the names of two sisters Ansura Bibi and Mansura Bibi of Nandigram.

During the Nandigram episode in 2007, the rainbow alliance of Maoists-Mamata Banerjee-Congress-SUCI, the perverted spineless sold out ‘pseudo’ intellectuals, foreign agents functioning in the guise of ‘so-called’ human rights activists and politically motivated media had made a slanderous propaganda throughout the country and abroad that both the sisters were raped and brutally murdered by the cadres of the CPI (M). Five CPI (M) cadres were put behind bars for a long time on the basis of this allegation. But the fact of the matter was that both the sisters were kept hidden in the house of Maoist-TMC worker Firoj Khan at Namkhana in 24, Parganas (South). Namkhana is situated at a distance of more than 50 kilometers from Nandigram. Both the sisters were later recovered alive from the house of Firoj Khan and the allegation against the CPI (M) proved to be false and fabricated.

The dirty and vicious politics of the rainbow alliance and their so-called intellectuals did not stop here. They had also propagated that not only hundreds of women were raped and murdered but also the CPI (M) workers butchered thousands of children and babies. But these liars and perverts following the footsteps of Hitler and Goebbels have not yet proved a single case of rape or butchering. Their one and sole aim was go enable Mamata Banerjee to gain political dividends at any cost and anyhow.

Very recently the Maoist-TMC goons suddenly propagated that the perpetrator of the above heinous crime Firoj Khan was abducted and murdered by the CPI (M) cadres. They lodged complain with the Namkhana Police Station falsely implicating 37 CPI (M) leaders and cadres. Later, this Firoj Khan was recovered alive from the house of Rashid Ali Khan of Ganeshnagar under Kakdwip Police Station of the same district. His name also figures in the list of Mamata Banerjee.

4 At serial number 48 she has mentioned the name of Amirul Islam of Bhangar. He was actually murdered by Ajijul Islam@ Khude on 23-08-2009. Ajijul Islam is the brother of Arabul Islam, TMC MLA. He is now on the run to avoid arrest.

5 Similarly, at serial number 73, the name of Shankar Biswas of Belegachi of Baruipur in 24, Parganas (S) has been mentioned. The fact of the matter is that Late Biswas was a hardcore CPI (M) worker. Maoist-TMC goons murdered him on 26-10-2009. A condolence meeting was organised at Baruipur by CPI (M) to mourn his death on 30-10-2009. Shibdas Bhattacharjee, Sujan Chakraborty, ex. M.P. and other CPI (M) leaders addressed the meeting.

6 Again, at serial number 71 the name of Shyamal Hazari Bermajur area of Sandeshkhali in North 24, Parganas has been shown as murdered on 26-10-2009. But there is no trace of any such person. It is also purely a manufacture name.

7 Next, the name of Najir Ali of Kashpukur, Bhangar in South 24, Parganas remains against serial number 23 of the list. But this person is also untraceable.

8 Maoist-TMC goons Rahul Adhikari and Sambhu Adhikari had murdered Abhijit Saha of Madhyamgram on 27-09-2009 over a petty affair. But the name of Abhijit Saha has been mentioned as TMC worker.

9 Yasin Ali, a baby of 2 and ½ years, of Mayureswar in Birbhum district expired due to dehydration. The name of this baby is also mentioned as a murdered TMC worker.

10 Ashok Das of village Charkol of Nanur in Birbhum district was purely an antisocial. He had murdered another TMC antisocial named Apai during the 1st quarter of July 2009. In retaliation, on 21-07-2009 the associates of Apai murdered Ashok Das at Labhpur, which is situated at a distance of about 40 kilometers from Nanur. The name of this antisocial murdered by rival faction of TMC has been mentioned.

11 Mira Lasin of Nandigram is mentioned in the list. But no persona in such name is traceable at Nandigram. The local Maoist-TMC leaders also admit the same.

12 The list contains the name of Gobinda Dawn of Lalgarh. He is shown as not traceable from 20-06-2009. But the fact is that Gobinda Dawn is a Maoist squad member. He is well trained in arms and ammunitions. The operation of joint forces at Lalgarh started on and from 18th June 2009. Gobinda Dawn has gone underground since then to avoid police arrest. But his name has been mentioned as a TMC worker.

13 The name of a 12-year-old girl Rupa Biswas has been mentioned at serial number 43 of the list. At the time of her death she stayed at Bahirgachi-Bhattacharjee Para of Dharmada area under Nakashipara Police Station of Nadia district. On 26th July 2009 she was murdered after rape. The local Maoist-TMC leader Shyamal Bhattacharjee along with Sanjib Biswas, Madhukul Mondal and Tapai Ghosh are behind the bars for rape and murder on the basis of an FIR No. 339 under IPC-302/201/120-B lodged with Nakashipara Police Station on 29th July 2009 by her parents. Another TMC leader Pratap Sarkar is still absconding.

Maoist-TMC MP Tapas Paul himself had declared immediately after the recovery of the dead body of the victim that he would beat to death the culprits. When the fact about rape and murder by Maoist-TMC goons came to light even before their arrest, he thought it better to keep mum.

In this connection, it would not be out of place to mention that the father of the girl Subodh Biswas is a mere rickshaw puller.

It is most unfortunate that the name of a minor girl who was raped and murdered by Maoist-TMC leaders has also found place in the list of Mamata Banerjee.

It is also most unfortunate and regrettable that the so-called champions of tribals, downtrodden and women Mahasweta Devi, Medha Patkar and Arundhati Roy are shamelessly silent on the rape and murder of Rupa Biswas. But they had resorted to false and malicious propaganda about alleged rape and murder of hundreds of women and minor girls in Nandigram without proving even a single case.

The duplicity of Mamata Banerjee and her pseudo intellectuals should be exposed thoroughly in the interest of the nation.

14 CPI (M) supporter Sarifa Bibi of Bandakhol village under Krishnanagar PS in Nadia district was brutally murdered by well-known TMC-Maoist goons Abu Khayer Mondal, Ajai Seikh and Mujai Seikh at night of 31st July 2009. On the basis of FIR lodged by her mother-in-law Kanjina Bibi two murderers Abu Khayer Mondal and Ajai Seikh are under arrest. The main accused Mujai Seikh has been absconding.

But Mamata Banerjee has showed the name of this murdered CPI (M) supporter as TMC supporter at serial number 44 of the list submitted to the prime minister.

15 Shri Joydeb Bag is the brother-in-law of Shri Arup Bhadra, who was once an MLA from Baruipur Constituency. Shri Bag owns a big shop near the Baruipur Railway Station under the name and style “Bag Electronics”. He is very much alive, physically fit and mentally alert. He is a non-political person. But Mamata Banerjee has placed this Joydeb Bag as a TMC worker murdered by the CPI (M) at serial number 6 of her false and fabricated list. The photo of alive Joydeb Bag has been published by two Bengali dailies named “Ganashakti” on 12-12-2009 and ‘Aajkal’ on 13-12-2009.

16 Mamata Banerjee has also mentioned the name of Mossaraf Lashkar of Diamond Harbour Parliamentary Constituency at serial number 47 her list. But the fact of the matter is that the incumbent died of heart attack. He was actually a resident of village Nirdeshkhali under Fulmalancha Gram Panchayat of Basanti P.S. under Joynagar Parliamentary Constituency.

17 Similarly, the name of Rashid Molla of village Machpukur of Baruipur is at serial number 11 of her list. This Rashid Molla was killed due to family rivalry over possession of ancestral property. Politics was in no way connected with this rivalry. Nashim Ali Molla and Rashid Molla are from the same father Ujir Ali. His own elder brother Nashim Ali Molla assaulted him seriously. Later he died. His wife Alema Bibi lodged an FIR with the Baruipur PS against Nashim Ali Molla and his wife Saeeda Bibi. Nashim Ali Molla is still absconding whereas Saeeda Bib is on bail.

18 The name of Shamser Tarafdar of Canning remains mentioned at serial number 39 of the list. In fact, Shamser Tarafdar was a Congress worker. He was murdered on 31st July 2009. His brother Tamjer Tarafdar lodged an FIR with the Canning PS alleging that Selim Molla and Palan Mondal had murdered his brother. Selim Molla is a notorious criminal of TMC. Palan Mondal is the secretary of the local TMC.

But police cases as mentioned below are also pending against Shamser Tarafdar.

1 Murder of Badal Sardar (Case No. 67/21.5.2002)
2 Murder of Sajjad Ali (Case No. 115/5.9.2002)
3 Murder of Jahangir Hossain (Case No. 210/12.12.2002)
4 Dacoity at Angadbedia (Case No. 66/17.4.2005)
5 Murder of Alauddin Sardar (Case No. 202/1201202005)

19 An antisocial named Toto Seikh was killed in a rivalry between two groups of antisocials on 11-06-2009 at Haridapota of Nakashipara under Nadia district. The name of this purely non-political person also got place at serial number 18 of the list of Mamata Banerjee.

20 Two teenagers named Miss Sannyasi Sardar and Mr. Khokan Sardar were in deep love with each other. But the families of both the persons were against this. So, both of them ran away and got married. This infuriated both the families. The marriage was unacceptable to them. There was a bloody clash between the two families on 28-09-2009 resulting in the death of both Sannyasi and Khokan. This was purely non-political. No party ever coloured the incident as political. The names of these two unfortunate husband and wife figure at serial number 63 and 64 of the list.

21 Najma Khatoon d/o Nijam Mallick of Tentulberia in Nadia district was a student of class VII. She was about 12 years old. She was raped and murdered on 07-06-2009 by her own cousin Rafikul and his two associates named Manirul and Asadul. The incident cropped up as a result of disputes between two families. It has nothing to do with politics. The name of this 12-year victim is also misused as a TMC worker.

The above proves as clear as crystal that the Union Railway Minister has resorted to forgery and fraudulency to confuse and cheat the nation and your government. Her activities and double standards have all along been casting aspersion on your goodwill and reputation. It also tarnishes your government in the estimation of the people.

On the one side she and her party with the help of the outlawed Maoists, ‘pseudo’ intellectuals and ‘so-called’ human rights activists try to create a reign of terror in the entire state through daily murders, loot, rape, arson and torching and on the other hand demand imposition of President’s rule on the pretext of breakdown of law and order in the state.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Most of the people so far butchered by Maoists at Lalgarh and other parts of West Bengal are poor tribals, people belonging to weaker sections of the society and Muslims mostly having allegiance to CPI (M). The society demands timely disposal of the dead body of even a creature. But the entire world witnessed with horror how the dead bodies of 4 poor tribal CPI (M) cadres butchered by Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI Alliance were kept in open for 5 days without disposal by the Maoist-TMC criminals at Lalgarh in West Bengal. Their relatives were neither allowed to come near nor touch the bodies. The Maoists and TMC workers danced and sang around the bodies in the same manner as is practiced by cannibals. Their brutality and inhumanity surpassed all limits of human tolerance and society.

Thousands of CPI (M) cadres and their families have been evicted from their ancestral homes. TMC-Maoist-Congress goons, rapists and murderers have torched their houses. They have been rendered jobless in these hard days of existence. The families of the murdered persons and others have been thrown into the streets for starvation.

The so-called innocent and impartial Governor of West Bengal is silent over unprecedented slaughter of innocent people because he thinks that they have no right to survive for their political allegiance to the CPI (M). Moreover, he wants to remain in the good book of the Maoists and their friend Mamata Banerjee for extension. His conscience wakes up suddenly as and when Mamata Banerjee, Maoists and perverted “so-called” intellectuals demand and desire. Shame on the Governor and the imperialist agents in the guise of ‘so-called’ intellectuals!

The sycophant, spineless, anti-Communist sold-out intellectuals and ‘so-called’ human rights activists did not utter even a single word to condemn these gruesome murders. They are busy in receiving Free AC Railway Passes, money packets and other favours and gratis from imperialists, finance capital, big business houses, Mamata Banerjee and landlords for their shameful anti-national role and service for financial gains.

Following is an incomplete list as on 30-11-2009 of poor people, tribals and minorities belonging to CPI (M) and other Leftist Parties and government employees butchered on and from 01-01-2001 by the “Rainbow Alliance” of Mamata Banerjee, Maoists terrorists, Congress, SUCI, Perverted Intellectuals, fake human rights organizations and a section of politically motivated media.

No. Name of the victim, Address of the victim, Date of murder

1 Ramjan Mallik, Garbeta, Medinipur (W), 23-01-01
2 Tapan Ghosh, Garbeta, Medinipur (W), 08-04-01
3 Shibaram Satpathi, Sarenga, Bankura, 10-04-01
4 Sudhir Singh Sardar, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 28-11-01
5 Anil Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 04-02-02
6 Rampada Majhi, Ranibandh, Bankura, 11-02-02
7 Puntibala Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
8 Icchhamati Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
9 Priyanka Mahato (4yrs), Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
10 Ajit Ghosh, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 09-07-02
11 Golap Mallik, Garbeta, Medinipur (W), 24-04-03
12 Baridbaran Mondal, Banspahari, Medinipur (W) 21-10-03
13 Asit Santra, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 02-03-04
14 Mahendra Mahato, Bandowan, Purulia, 09-07-05
15 Raghunath Murumu, Barikul, Bankura, 09-07-05
16 Bablu Mudi, Barikul, Bankura, 09-07-05
17 Rabindranath Kar, Bandowan, Bankura, 30-12-05
18 Anandamayi Kar, Bandowan, Bankura, 30-12-05
19 Kartik Singh, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 04-03-06
20 Gatilal Tudu, Barikul, Bankura, 04-03-06
21 Gumai Murmu, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 08-03-06
22 Jaladhar Mahato, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 08-03-06
23 Rabi Das, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 14-06-06
24 Snehashis Das, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 26-05-06
25 Uttam Sardar, Chandpur, Nadia, 19-06-06
26 Swapan Sardar, Chandpur, Nadia, 19-06-06
27 Anil Mahato, Shilda, Medinipur (W), 19-09-06
28 Dinesh Baske, Shilda, Medinipur (W), 19-09-09
29 Pailaram Tudu, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 09-01-07
30 Rampada Singh, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 30-03-07
31 Parikshit Singh, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 30-03-07
32 Manik Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 27-05-07
33 Rohit Roy, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 10-07-07
34 Bhagirath Karmakar, Barabazar, Purulia, 01-11-07
35 Sufal Mandi, Purulia, Purulia, 20-11-07
36 Govind Singh, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 06-12-07
37 Sisir Chatterjee, Mangalkote, Burdwan, 01-01-08
38 Pahalan Kumar, Balarampur, Purulia, 01-01-08
39 Ramprasad Mondal, Chapra, Nadia, 02-01-08
40 Mangal Mahato, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 15-02-08
41 Karam Chand Singh, Belpahari, 22-02-08
42 Subhash Mahato, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 29-02-08
43 Budhadeb Pathak, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 09-03-08
44 Mukul Tiwari, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
45 Jugol Murmu, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
46 Nabakumar Murmu, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
47 Kshetrapal Majhi, Arsha, Purulia, 19-04-08
48 Sridam Das, Khoirashole, Birbhum, 22-04-08
49 Ganapati Bhadra, Bandowan, Purulia, 04-05-08
50 Debraj Hembram, Balarampur, Purulia, 05-05-08
51 Biswanath Mandi, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 15-06-08
52 Niranjan Mondal, Nandigram, Medinipur (E), 06-08-08
53 Dulal Garu Das, Garupara, Medinipur (E), 07-08-08
54 Firoj Mondal, Chakdah, Nadia, 01-09-08
55 Satyanarayan Ganguli, Dubrajpur, Birbhum, 05-09-08
56 Sunil Halsana, Chakdah, Nadia, 16-09-08
57 Mansoor Alam, Goalpokhar, Dinajpur (N), 17-09-08
58 Nandalal Mistri, Rajnagar, Birbhum, 22-09-08
59 Amar Ghugu, Patrasayar, Bankura, 04-10-08
60 Prodyut Maiti (Naru), Khejuri, Midnapur (E), 10-10-08
61 Mahidul Seikh, Harirampur, Dinajpur (S), 14-10-08
62 Alauddin Molla, Haroa, 24, Parganas (N), 20-10-08
63 Kutub Mondal, Galsi, Burdwan, 21-10-08
64 Satyajit Mondal, Karanjora, Bankura, 22-10-08
65 Debi Prasad Singh, Ausgram, Burdwan, 24-10-08
66 Shankar Rauth, Canning, 24, Parganas (S), 27-10-08
67 Indrajit Muda, Banspahari, Midnapur (W), 31-10-08
68 Seikh Sanai, Khoirashole, Birbhum, 04-11-08
69 Mrinal Sarkar, Nakasipara, Nadia, 05-11-08
70 Namita Sarkar, Nakasipara, Nadia, 05-11-08
71 Mazid Seikh, Baharampur, Murshidabad, 12-11-08
72 Panu Bouri, Patrasayar, Bankura, 14-11-08
73 Sheetkantha Mondal, Kandi, Murshidabad, 21-11-08
74 Mostaque Ahmad, Bolepur, Birbhum, 21-11-08
75 Qurban Seikh, Mayreswar, Birbhum, 11-12-08
76 Gaja Mohammad, Islampur, Dinajpur (N), 13-12-08
77 Uttam Roy, Jangipara, Hooghly, 16-12-08
78 Arshad Ali, Dalkhola, Dinajpur (N), 23-12-08
79 Dilip Manna, Purshura, Hooghly, 23-12-08
80 Dasrathi Ghosh, Bhatar, Burdwan, 12-01-09
81 Shamsur Alam Mallick, Indas, Bankura, 16-01-09
82 Motibur Rahaman, Kushmundi, Dinajpur (S), 26-01-09
83 Sujit Dasgupta, Dumdum, 24, Parganas (N), 27-01-09
84 Sambhu Dasgupta, Dumdum, 24, Parganas (N), 27-01-09
85 Nandalal Pal, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 01-02-09
86 Haradhan Majhi, Balarampur, Purulia, 03-02-09
87 Biswanath Digar, Ranibandh, Bankura, 08-02-09
88 Sujit Ponda, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-02-09
89 Nurul Islam Dewan, Raina, Burdwan, 22-02-09
90 Jharna Mandi, Dhaniakhali, Hooghly, 26-02-09
91 Sumana Mandi, Dhaniakhali, Hooghly, 26-02-09
92 Tapas Mondal, Naihati, 24, Parganas (N), 03-03-09
93 Saiyad Ali Bhuiyan, Jaipur, Bankura, 11-03-09
94 Subol Kajli, Khejuri, Midnapur (E), 14-03-09
95 Subodh Barik, Mugberia, Midnapur (E), 15-03-09
96 Ansar Ali, Gangarampur, Dinajpur (S), 17-03-09
97 Himadri Patra, Boga, Midnapur (E), 17-03-09
98 Gopal Mondal, Beharampur, Murshidabad, 18-03-09
99 Soharab Ali Dewan, Raina, Burdwan, 18-03-09
100 Durga Deshwal, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 18-03-09
101 Santosh Mahato, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 18-03-09
102 Bijay Shaw, Titagarh, 24, Parganas (N), 18-03-09
103 Kanai Kumar, Arsha, Purulia, 28-03-09
104 Ganesh Das, Bhagwanpur, Midnapur (E), 28-03-09
105 Ashim Mondal, Bahulabheda, Midnapur (W), 10-04-09
106 Hambir Mandi, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 21-04-09
107 Shakti Sen, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 21-04-09
108 Gopinath Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 22-04-09
109 Baikunth Mahato, Supurdihgram, Purulia, 23-04-09
110 Bibhuti Singh Sardar, SD Gram, Purulia , 23-04-09
111 Bhaben Dig, Haripal, Hooghly, 27-04-09
112 Manowar Hossain Jamadar, Amta, Howrah, 07-05-09
113 Kashinath Mondal, Jangipur, Murshidabad, 07-05-09
114 Chandu Dolui, Bagnan, Howrah, 08-05-09
115 Seikh Saidul, Bagnan, Howrah, 08-05-09
116 Seikh Babua, Bagnan, Howrah, 08-05-09
117 Seikh Aksar, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 09-05-09
118 Abdullah Khan, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 09-05-09
119 Mahiuddin Khan, Tamluk, Midnapur (E), 10-05-09
120 Joynal Molla, Canning, 24, Parganas (S), 13-05-09
121 Manu Singh, Bandowan, Purulia, 15-05-09
122 Momtaj Seikh, Raninagar, Murshidabad, 16-05-09
123 Arvind Mondal, Chari Antapur, Maldah, 17-05-09
124 Bibek Barman, Goksadanga, Coochbihar, 19-05-09
125 Kartik Mohaladar, Ratua, Maldah, 22-05-09
126 Dinesh Mahato, Balarmpur, Purulia, 23-05-09
127 Manoranjan Naskar, Bishnpur, 24, Pgs. (S), 23-05-09
128 Santosh Barman, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 25-05-09
129 Bhondulal Munda, Jhalda, Purulia,, 25-05-09
130 Apurba Ghosh, Krishnanagar, Nadia, 28-05-09
131 Nuruddin Seikh, Rampurhat, Birbhum, 31-05-09
132 Sayantika Rakhit, BN Nagar, Midnapur (E), 01-06-09
133 Khalek Molla, Haroa, 24, Parganas (N), 02-06-09
134 Dinesh Deb Singh, GR Pur, Dinajpur (S), 06-06-09
135 Govind Samanta, Panshkura, Midnapur (E), 06-06-09
136 Mamoni Kishku, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 06-06-09
137 Kinkar Dolui, Panchla, Howrah, 08-06-09
138 Salku Soren, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 11-06-09
139 Sitabur Seikh, Lalgola, Murshidabad, 11-06-09
140 Ikramul Haque, Beharampur, Murshidabad, 12-06-09
141 Shankar Tudu, Belpahari, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
142 Asit Samanta, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
143 Naru Samanta, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
144 Prabir Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
145 Keshab Manna, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
146 Dhiraj Manna, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
147 Sanjay Mahato, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
148 Pabitra Das, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 14-06-09
149 Debabrata Soren, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
150 Mohan Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
151 Tuntuni Jana, Amedabad, Midnapur (E), 14-06-09
152 Falguni Mukherjee, Mangalkote, Burdwan, 15-06-09
153 Sunil Das, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
154 Tapan Das, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
155 Sanjay Pratihar, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
156 Niladri Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
157 Anil Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
158 Abhijit Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
159 Badal Chandra Ahir, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
160 Sisir Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
161 Dubraj Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
162 Dasarath Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
163 Chaitnya Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
164 Keshav Das, Nandigram, Midnapur (W), 19-06-09
165 Siraj Khan, Itaru, Galsi, Burdwan, 21-06-09
166 Ajay Rauth, Haldia, Midnapur (E), 21-06-09
167 Budheswar Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 21-06-09
168 Pranesh Ghosh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 21-06-09
169 Naba Kumar Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
170 Kishore Tiwari, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
171 Jugol Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
172 Moloy Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-07-09
173 Motilal Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-07-09
174 Pinki Khatun (8 yrs), Domkol, Murshidabad, 09-07-09
175 Barendranath Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W 10-07-09
176 Gurucharan Mahato, Lalgarh, West Dinajpur, 11-07-09
177 Abijit Mondal (11 years), Uluberia, Howrah, 13-07-09
178 Swapan Deb Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-07-09
179 Tarani Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-07-09
180 Gangadhar Mahato, Barabazar, Purulia, 15-07-09
181 Jaladhar Mahato, Jhargam, Purulia, 18-07-09
182 Ashok Ghosh, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-07-09
183 Fagu Baske, Belpahari, Midnapur (W), 22-07-09
184 Arghya Samanta, Raina, Burdwan, 27-07-09
185 Ananda Das, Rajganj, Jalpaiguri, 28-07-09
186 Sagar Masant, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 30-07-09
187 Ashok Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
188 Brahmodeo Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
189 Motilal Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
190 Moloy Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
191 Nirmal Mahato, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 02-08-09
192 Gurucharan Tudu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 03-08-09
193 Shankar D. Adhikari, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-08-09
194 Gunadhar Singh, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 05-08-09
195 Shaktipada Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
196 Ashim Soren, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
197 Budhu Hansda, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
198 Ramkrishna Duley, Sarenga, Bankura, 15-08-09
199 Madar Ali Molla, Canning, 24, Parganas (S), 17-08-09
200 Samrendranath Konai, Madgram, Birbhum, 18-08-09
201 Anirul Islam, Rajarhat, 24, Parganas (N), 23-08-09
202 Mangal Soren, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 29-08-09
203 Laxmikanta Kumar, Sindurpur, Purulia, 29-08-09
204 Madan Mondal, Garulia, North 24, Parganas, 29-08-09
205 Bharat Hembram, Balarampur, Purulia, 30-08-09
206 Sukhdeo Mahato, Bhramarmara, Midnapur (W), 31-08-09
207 Debi Prasad Hansda, Balarampur, Purulia, 31-08-09
208 Abu Ali Mondal, Baruipur, 24, Pargansas (S), 03-09-09
209 Hashem Mondal, Baruipur, 24, Pargansas (S), 03-09-09
210 Mirazul Seikh, Beldanga, Murshidabad, 04-09-09
211 Azmat Seikh, Beldanga, Murshidabad, 04-09-09
212 Ketabul Seikh, Kaliachak, Maldah, 04-09-09
213 Apu Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
214 Rajib Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
215 Satish Singh Sardar, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
216 Sasanka Sekhar Roy, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
217 Shyam Chalak, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 07-09-09
218 Ramdas Murmu, Sarenga, Bankura, 08-09-09
219 Baneswar Murmu, Sarenga, Bankura, 08-09-09
220 Abhiram Das, Nanur, Birbhum, 08-09-09
221 Krishna Kundu, Sarenga, Bankura, 10-09-09
222 Bakul Seikh, Lalgola, Murshidabad, 11-09-09
223 Ramen Ghosh, Lalgola, Murshidabad, 12-09-09
224 Seikh Nazrul, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
225 Kartick Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
226 Sambhu Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
227 Ajoy Patra, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 16-09-09
228 Dilip Dhara, Jadavpur, Kolkata, 17-09-09
229 Zikaria Seikh, Baryan, Murshidabad, 20-09-09
230 Manik Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
231 Budheswar Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
232 Bagan Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
233 Nimai Bisui, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 24-09-09
234 Samir Singha Mahapatra, Medinipur (W), 24-09-09
235 Rafique Molla, Patharpratima, 24, Parganas (S), 25-09-09
236 Susanta Dhara, Ausgram, Burdwan, 27-09-09
237 Radhanath Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 30-09-09
238 Anadi Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 30-09-09
239 Bhakti Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 30-09-09
240 Barun Pratihar, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 01-10-09
241 Amalendu Patra, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 02-10-09
242 Panchanan Tudu, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 02-10-09
243 Lakhman Sarkar, Ausgram, Burdwan, 05-10-09
244 Sasadhar Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 08-10-09
245 Seikh Hashibul, Khanakul, Hooghly, 09-10-09
246 Kanai Murmu, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 13-10-09
247 Mantu Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 18-10-09
248 Ratan Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 18-10-09
249 Shital Hembram, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 19-10-09
250 Dibakar Bhattacharjee, Sankrail, W. Midnapur, 20-10-09
251 Swapan Roy, Sankrail, W. Midnapur, 20-10-09
252 Basanta Pakhira, Khanakul, Hooghly, 24-10-09
253 Pratap Nayek, Binpur, W. Medinipur, 26-10-09
254 Jayfal Mondal, Suti, Murshidabad, 27-10-09
255 Dhajen Mondal, Murshidabad, 27-10-09
256 Tapan Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 29-10-09
257 Dilip Mahato, Belpahari, W Midnapur, 29-10-09
258 Tushar Ghosh, Bongaon, N. 24 Parganas, 31-10-09
259 Madhab Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 31-10-09
260 Anil Mahato, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 01-11-09
261 Saifunissa Bibi, Khanakul, Hooghly, 04-11-09
262 Joyram Hansda, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 07-11-09
263 Manoranjan Mahali, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 07-11-09
264 Lakshmi Das, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 07-11-09
265 Naba Kumar Singh, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 08-11-09
266 Naresh Thapa, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 08-11-09
267 Binod Tamang, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 08-11-09
268 Bhaktabahadur Limbu, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 8-11-09
269 Dhanbahadur Viswakarma,Jamboni,W.Midnapur,8-11-09
270 Ishaq Seikh, Kaliachak, Maldah, 11-11-2009
271 Sashticharan Dutta, Belpahari, W. Midnapore, 15-11-2009
272 Ajit Mahato, Jhargram, W. Midnapore, 16-11-2009
273 Khudiram Mudi, W. Midnapore, 16-11-2009
274 Totan Das, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 18-11-2009
275 Samiran Das, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 18-11-2009
276 Jaganath Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 19-11-2009
277 Bhanguram Hansda, Kotwali, W. Midnapore, 19-11-2009
278 Tapan Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 23-11-2009
279 Ashok Kotal, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 23-11-2009
280 Madan Ghosh, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 24-11-2009
281 Subimal Mali, Arsha, Purulia, 26-11-2009
282 Srikanta Banerjee, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
283 Alok Mondal, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
284 Karuna Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
285 Braja Bikash Mahato, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
286 Bomkesh Giri, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
287 Rassel Seikh, Kaliachak, Maldah, 28-11-2009
288 Dhanapati Murmu, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 28-11-2009

Apart from this, 41 police personnel 1 doctor, 1 nurse, 4 government employees on duty were also killed by Maoists. Shankar Samanta and many others murdered at Nandigram and Khejuri by them are not mentioned in the above list.