Monday, January 14, 2013


A brutal crime brought the masses to Jantar Mantar to agitate and demand stricter laws. Nevertheless the mind-set of society remains unchanged. They still think that women should be confined to household chores; that women should not dress to attract attention; that women should not go out for work, study or recreation.

All the debates going around the issue are worthless if “women themselves are responsible” for the crimes against them. Their biggest mistake being “born as a woman” will always make them and the rest of society culpable. Therefore,

Let no girl be born,
Let no girl born see the sunlight,
Lest she become the reason for the family to mourn.
Let men marry men,
Let men molest men to satisfy themselves,
For sexual abuse then will not be “rape” by definition.
Let no relationship be built around the female,
Let no country, river or nature be called Mother,
Lest the “protection” she requires become burdensome for men.
Let no goddess be deemed worthy of prayers,
Let all history of Laxmibai and the likes be destroyed,
Lest men should have to prove their supremacy.
Let scientific cloning reproduce the human race,
Let each man take a woman's place,
For the gender debate will no more be in question.
Let the female species be extinct,
Let no woman exist,
For that will rightly define the meaning of “mankind”: 'man-kind'.
Let there be no mothers,
Let there be no wives,
Let there be no daughters,
And there will be no crimes…..
Anubha Sharma,
Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University.

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