Thursday, February 7, 2013

Goundhog Day

Goundhog Day

The 2nd of February is celebrated as the Groundhog day.  It is believed since time immemorial that when the groundhog, (also called the woodchuck, whistle-pig)  comes out of the burrow on a cloudy day, then it announces the arrival of spring.  If it comes out on a sunny day, then it is said that the groundhog would see its own shadow and get back into the burrow. This means that winter would continue for six more weeks.

Even in modern times, the holiday is marked with early morning festivities.  In southeastern part of Pennsylvannia, the festival is celebrated with food and entertainment programmes.   The highlight of this festival is that only Pennsylvannia German dialect is spoken at the event and people who speak English are made to pay a penalty for it.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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