Tuesday, February 19, 2013

“Stand in solidarity with the Historic action call of the Indian Working class”

New Delhi, February 19: The central executive committee of the students’ federation of India pledges to stand in solidarity with the Indian working class which is all set for the momentous 48 hours general strike on February 20 and 21. It has been the first instance in the history of the post-independence India that such a wide unity has been established. Eleven central trade union organisations and national federations of various professionals as well various regional level organisations and number of independent, plant level trade unions are coming together for this historic strike action.

The charter of demands put forward by the trade unions not only includes the demands of the working class, rather it reflects the concerns of an overwhelming majority of the Indian people. At a juncture when every section of society is reeling under the impact of the adverse policy framework of the congress-lead UPA government at the centre, as well the state governments; this strike action assumes even greater importance. 

In next two days, when more than 10 crore toiling masses of the country will be on the picket lines, at the factory gates, in chakka jams and rail roko abhiyaans, students of the country will be right in the front ranks of struggle. Let us resolve to make this strike action a stepping stone in the struggle towards the alternate set of policies. 

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